Our Motto “The Most Thorough Cleaning Possible Or Its Free!!”

Carpetkare Head Office is based in Skelmersdale with regional carpet cleaning technicians throughout the North West providing a high qulaity carpet, Upholstery and Cermaic Floor CleaningService.All of our technicians are trained to the Carpetkare high standards and  are considered specalists in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather suite cleaning and stain removal.

Our Cast Iron Guarantee!!

We use the most efficient carpet cleaning equipment on the market so this allows Carpetkare to give a cast iron guarantee – If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of carpet or upholstery cleaning carried out by our carpet cleaning technicians we will come back and clean the area again. If you are still not satisfied we will refund your money!!. Our carpet cleaning systems also means that you can walk on your carpets within 2 hours

Tiled Floor and Grout Cleaning

We also provide a specialised tiled ceramic floor and grout cleaning service. To do this we use a high-pressure truck mount cleaning system to clean your dirty tiles and grout lines, which are connected to a high-pressure vacuum to remove all dirt and debris on ceramic tiles. Your tiles look much fresher and cleaner after our tile and grout cleaning.

Do you want your carpet cleaned by one of the most powerful systems in the world?

We only use a state-of-the-art truck mounted system to clean your carpet. This provides incredible
cleaning power and stain removal for carpets of any kind in the home or business. It is one of the only  ways to achieve such an amazing clean and return your carpet or flooring to near pristine condition.

How powerful?

  • Very deep clean – removes all traces of dirt and returns that good-as-new colour to your carpet
  • High water temperature to completely sterilise your carpet
  • Removes 99% of even the deepest stains
  • Removes all dust mites
  • Elimination of any odours
  • Completely safe for use on any type of carpet and fibre

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

The Carpetkare Carpet Cleaning process is the Most Advanced Cleaning Technology in the industry. Deep cleaning with the power of the thexatherm carpet cleaning system.This is Carpetkare’s most powerful, deepest carpet cleaning system for maximum soil removal and means we have many delighted customers when our carpet cleaners clean carpets in throughout the North West.

We are confident that our competitors can’t exceed our ability to clean your carpets and keep a healthy, quick drying environment in your home.We believe that our carpet cleaners  are the best in the industry with over a 60% retention rate

Benefits to the customer with Carpetkare Carpet Cleaning System

  • Deeper cleaning using hot effervescent cleaning method.
  • Fast drying (dries in 30 minutes hours)
  • Removes 99% of stains from carpets
  • Resists resoiling.
  • Lifts pile, restores appearance.
  • Excellent reduction of mold and allergens.
  • Agitation provides highly consistent cleaning.
  • Complies with carpet manufacturer requirements and recommendations.
  • Free Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpetkares carpet cleaning system leaves carpets sparkling clean and dry in 30 minutes, well before mould and mildew can form. Left untreated, particles can find their way into the air you breathe and can become irritants to those with allergies, hay fever and asthma. Carpetkare’s carpet cleaning system keeps your carpet cleaner and healthy in the North West……..so everybody can breathe a little easier.

So, if you are looking for one of the most reliable Carpet Cleaning Companies in the North west Call 0800 731 9121 and book you carpet, Upholstery, or Floor Tile Clean